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What is a Candle Warmer & How Do They Work?

What is a Candle Warmer & How Do They Work?

What is a Candle Warmer & How Do They Work?

The idea of warming wax to release fragrance is not a new idea by any means, this has been around for many years. Most of us home fragrance users will at sometime have used a wax melter with a tea light burning in the bottom as an alternative to burning a candle. Indeed, in the last few years the home fragrance market has seen massive growth in the electric wax melter market in all different shapes and sizes. Simply snapping off a piece of wax and putting it on top of your chosen melter has been the norm for many years now, this has been the chosen route to obtain a scented living space without burning a candle for many people that include pet owners and families with small children.

In America, a company has taken this idea to the next level and developed arrange of wax warmers that will work on a candle rather than just using wax chunks on a burner. These Candle Warmers are now available in the UK at and offer another dimension to flameless wax scented home living. The added benefit of these new Candle Warmers is they will become part of the living space adding to the overall ambiance of your room without the draw back associated with burning a candle. So, those people who have always steered away from burning a candle now have a credible alternative, they too can now enjoy what all of us candle fanatics have known for years, the best way to fragrance your home is with a candle.

So how do these new candle warmers work? It’s very simple you place your candle under the light bulb and turn it on – That’s it, simple. The heat from the light bulb warms the candle wax creating a scent pool in the same way that a natural flame would do, but this is the clever part, as the wax is not being burnt away by the wick you have longer for the fragrance to be released out of the wax, this process can be repeated several times enhancing the life of your candle as the wax simply sets again after use ready for next time. This process is repeated until you feel that the scent throw has faded and no longer working. Once you have reached this stage while the candle scent pool is still liquid pour away the molten wax into a container that can then be thrown away, exposing a new solid layer of fragrance-filled wax. The next time you use the candle in the candle warmer a new scent pool will form with new fully fragranced wax, and so the process repeats itself until you have completely used up all the candle.

It is thought that this method of releasing fragrance from a wax candle is twice as effective than burning your candle, so in real money terms you’re getting a 50% saving on your candles, also when you consider the beautiful elegant design of these candle warmers and the ambience that’s got to be a win, win situation.

So why not buy one online today at and start saving money.

And that’s not science.


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