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The Uses of Tea Tree in Health and Beauty

The Uses of Tea Tree in Health and Beauty

Tea tree is a versatile essential oil due to its purifying, anti-bacterial actions. It is especially effective in treating skin conditions, including acne. Its medicinal fragrance is not the most pleasant, but it is one of the only essential oils, together with lavender, that can be used neat on the skin.

Tea Tree Properties

Tea tree essential oil is an antiseptic which treats viruses, germs, colds and flu, shingles, candida, head lice, nail fungus, herpes, and mites. It is especially active against the bacterium staphylococcus aureus, which attaches to mucus and human skin, but this bacterium can lead to disease if it enters broken skin.

Tea Tree in Skincare

• Anti-bacterial oil: blend eight drops of tea tree with four tablespoons of juniper oil and mix well. Alternatively, add tea tree to an unscented cream or lotion and apply in small amounts.

• Acne: tea tree purifies the skin and is perfect to use for a steam facial. Add three drops of lemon and three drops of tea tree to a bowl of steaming hot water and continue to let the steam penetrate your pores for five to eight minutes.

• Mineral oil: avoid the use of mineral oils, which supposedly act as an emollient and skin protector but block pores and increase the risk of skin complications, including acne.

• Face masks: add three drops of tea tree to a paste of water and oatmeal or two tablespoons of live yoghurt. Cleanse the skin beforehand to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin, and leave on for eight to ten minutes before washing off with warm water.

• Chapped lips: add two drops of tea tree to one teaspoon of jojoba oil and apply to chapped lips daily.

• Dandruff: tea tree is well known as a treatment for this troublesome yeast problem. Add six drops of tea tree to 100ml of warm water and stir well. Use the water during shampooing to create a lather, wait a minute for the oil to penetrate and then wash off. In addition, make a blend of five drops of lemon oil, six drops of tea tree to one tablespoon of grape seed oil, and apply to hair before shampooing.

Tea Tree in Health

• Home cleaning: tea tree is an anti-bacterial agent and ideal to use as a kitchen cleanser. Add 10 to 15 drops of tea tree to plain water or a water/vinegar solution and use on all surfaces apart from vinyl and leather. To clean floors, add five drops of lemon oil and five drops of tea tree to a bucket of hot water and wipe down. The room is delicately scented, there is no risk of air pollution and it’s kind to the environment.

• The cold virus: tea tree effectively treats cold and flu viruses. Put a small bowl or container on the top of each of your radiators and add water and several drops of tea tree. The heat from the radiator will disperse the tea tree, which will then kill viruses.


Individuals with asthma, epilepsy, those on prescribed medications and pregnant women should avoid using tea tree. Do not treat pets with tea tree.


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