Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety

A long warm bubble bath every night is often not possible for people with a hectic work schedule. Some people are forced to work two jobs just to make ends meet, especially with an increase in the cost of living in the UK. Overwork can lead to tension, which may contribute to migraines and hypertension. Relaxation is important for a sane mind and healthy body.

Some people opt to take herbal remedies such as St John’s Wort, while other people turn to relaxing essential oils such as lavender, or a doctor can prescribe beta-blockers to reduce anxiety. If you are wondering how you can relieve anxiety right now, here are some beneficial and natural relaxation techniques that often deliver instant results.

Meditation or Mindfulness
Many meditation practitioners preach that only the moment has power, so regular breathing can help to alert you to and bring you back to the present ‘now’ moment. Meditation or mindfulness can help to relieve your worry by clearing your mind. Shallow breaths throughout the day can lead to anxiety, so if you can learn to breathe through the belly you can substantially reduce tension in the abdominal region. Even if you can only practise meditation or mindfulness for a couple of minutes a day, try it and see how you feel afterwards.

The Tapping Technique
Another useful relaxation method that can help is the tapping technique. Focus on the problem and, with the index and middle finger, tap six times on these areas in order — the temples, under the eye, beneath the nose, on the chin, on the chest (like a gorilla) and under the armpit, and finish off by finger-tapping (with both hands) the top of the head. There are many videos available online that demonstrate this effortless technique.

Try a Mantra
One of the most popular mantras used across the world today is ‘Om’. Although they often used to be used to connect with gods and goddesses, mantras today are beneficial for distracting the mind and bringing thoughts back into the moment. The repetitive sound can also zone out the mind and help to stimulate relaxation.

Visualise Calmness
This may be difficult to do when you feel stressed, but try to imagine yourself in peaceful surroundings. Try a white fluffy cloud in the sky miles away, or perhaps a white sandy beach on a warm sunny day. What do you imagine would be the scent of the surroundings? Would the wind whistle and caress your skin? Feel your tensions release as you come into the moment, and learn to breathe deeply through your stomach. The mind is a source of power when it comes to mental exercises such as visualisation.

The Negative Voices Within
We all have these dark and destructive voices within that tell us to worry about money, work and the future. Affirmations are worth a try, although it can be difficult for people to actually believe the words spoken. Afformations are far more worthwhile. These are questions that you ask yourself. For example, instead of ‘I am feeling calm and joyful’ as an affirmation, you would say ‘Why do I feel so calm and joyful now?” The mind is incredibly adept at finding a solution to any problem.

Relaxing Bath
Taking a long relaxing bath with your favourite bath bomb, mallow or creamer is obviously our preferred way to relax and we would like to share with you the technique we like to use.

Firstly, turn up the heating in the bathroom and place your robe on the radiator so it warms through while you have your bath, so it’s all snug and toasty when you’re getting out.  It is best to run you bath fully and check the temperature is to your liking before you get in, not to hot and not to cool so it lasts. A bath that is to hot could cause dizziness so don’t overdo it. Try mixing and matching your chosen fragrance of your bath bomb to a matching candle, this will add a nice subtle glow to the bathroom with a more intense divine scent.

Please be sure to place the candle carefully away from curtains, blinds or towels so you are not worried about starting a fire.

Use a rolled up towel or inflatable pillow to support your head and neck while you are totally relaxed, either will do the same job so there is no need to wait until you can pick one up from a store. It’s always a good idea to have a refreshing drink to hand (Not Fizzy Pop) along with some sort of fresh fruit, Strawberries or Kiwi are always a favourite.

To totally finish the setting off download and play some of your favourite music, I personally like panpipes, with a warm mellow tone they will soon have you drifting off into faraway places that only live in our imaginations. Another top tip is to soak two round cotton wool pads in ice cold water, if you don’t have this thick slices of cucumber will do straight out of the fridge, place these over the closed eyes while you’re laid back in the bath tub, this will totally refresh your eyes and help reduce any puffiness, this is especially good if you work on a computer all day. A face mask could be another option should you so wish; this will help push back the toll of a busy life style and are easy to use.

So once you have had your bath and got out dab yourself dry and apply one of our body lotions to further help nourish the skin, put on your warmed bathed robe and have a cup of herbal tea, normal tea would still be ok but preferably decaffeinated is best.


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