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Looking After Your Skin Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Looking After Your Skin Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Many of us forget that the skin absorbs every ingredient that is massaged upon it. Hand-made products may not last as long as a synthetic product containing parabens, but they are worth a little extra money because they are often colourful and smell delicious, plus they look great in the bathroom. Looking after the skin doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Here are a list of ingredients that will nourish and soothe your skin, leaving it breathable and healthy and free of irritation and dryness.

Many skin-care products use honey or other beneficial ingredients extracted from honey. In supplement form, propolis has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits, while honey is added to lip balms and creams to soothe and protect the skin from the natural elements.

This ingredient helps the skin to retain water, leaving it looking plump and refreshed. Products containing glycerine leave the skin moisturised. It’s found in soap and skin-care products.

Shea Butter
This adds a gorgeous buttery moisture to the skin without leaving it feeling too oily. You’ll find shea butter in natural skin-care creams and lip balms. It can also be added soaps to prevent dryness and leave the skin feeling moisturised.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are the perfumes of nature, so if you find a product containing them, it is often kinder to the skin. On sensitive skins, however, essentials oils may cause irritation. Soothing ingredients include lavender oil, while anti-bacterial products often contain tea-tree oil.

Coconut Extract
Coconut extract is often used in many skin products, from lip balms and moisturisers to soaps and bath bombs (for luxury moisture). The skin has a natural protective layer called sebum, while coconut is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Therefore using skin-care products containing coconut extract can protect the skin and help to prevent outbreaks. Coconut oil also has a natural sun protection factor (SPF) up to 10, so it’s also an effective ingredient to use in lip balms and sunscreens.

It is possible to make your own skin-care products in your kitchen, but this requires preparation and focus. Thankfully, many companies make their own skin-care products using quality ingredients such as those listed above. For a luxury treat after a hard day at work, use a lathering soap slice to wash away the daily grime, or slip into an extreme bubble bath courtesy of a moisturising hand-made bath bomb.

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