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Treat Your Skin with Coconut Extract Products

Treat Your Skin with Coconut Extract Products

The skincare market is huge. There are creams and potions to heal everything from cellulite and crow’s feet to dry skin. The skin is a huge organ, which is why it is important to treat it with care. Use ingredients that are kind and gentle, non-comedogenic and vegan-friendly. The one exception to this is coconut oil, as it contains skin-friendly organisms.

Comedogenic Ingredients
Some of our products contain cocoa butter and coconut butters or oils. These are beneficial and lock in the skin’s moisture, but they also rate high on the comedogenic chart. If you experience greasy skin, adding butters and oils to the skin may not always be the best option. The last thing you want is a breakout. Comedogenic ingredients may lead to acne, because they could block the skin’s pores.

However, coconut oil is beneficial for the skin in other ways. For example, coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Contrary to popular belief, regular bathing and showering is not beneficial for the skin. Over-cleansing the skin can lead to dryness, as it washes away the natural layer of oil on the skin called sebum. Sebum is the skin’s natural protector and stops organisms from infecting and damaging it. Coconut-extract products can add a barrier to the skin when applied after a bath or shower. Look for products containing coconut oil, including bath bombs, moisture creams and body butters.

Non-Comedogenic Ingredients
If you experience acne or other problems with your skin, you will be aware that non-comedogenic ingredients will assist your skin to heal. Some ingredients do not block the pores, and ingredients such as these are essential for problem skin. One known moisturising ingredient that is known not to block pores is shea butter. It’s nourishing, has a chocolatey scent and leaves skin glowing. The skincare sales assistants in the high street deptartment stores are paid to ‘charm’ you into buying expensive products that contain this, but there is never a guarantee that the product will benefit your skin. Instead, turn to our hand-made products that contain raw shea butter, glycerin and extract of coconut to obtain the best results.

Unless you are a skincare expert, it can be difficult to know which ingredients are safe to use on the skin. Many skincare products may be classified as non-comedogenic, but some comedogenic ingredients are safe and beneficial for use on the skin. Extract of coconut is one such product and helps to add a protective layer to the skin after bathing or showering, while shea butter and glycerin are other safe ingredients.

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